Pogger Pals Gon' Wild

Discord Server

✧┊Come play games with us!┊✧

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•┈••✦ What We Offer: ✦••┈•

ʚ Streams from the Admins 3 times a week starring the main admins PNGsona Gur!tchi!

ʚ Very lax rules with a chill environment. Bullying is not tolerated.

ʚ A friendly community filled with only adults 17+

ʚ A grief protected lax rule Minecraft server called Pontiac Dream.

ʚ Several fun bots to entertain you like Mushroom.gg, Karuta, Poketwo, Dank Memer, etc!

ʚ Booster perks, including a self promo channel (only boosters can post but anyone can view)

ʚ A large variety of retro style emotes, ranging from Spyro, Kirby, Parappa the Rapper, Post Pet, Toro Inoue and more!

We are an extremely chill server and shitposting is a common occurrence. Our server is NOT nsfw but please

do not join if you are not 17 or older.

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧'*•.¸♡Link To Join♡¸.•*'・゚: *✧・゚:*